Saturday, 8 October 2016



Are you looking for Photography Training Course in Mumbai or Thane?
Weekend photography classes in Thane
1-2nd Oct 16 to 29-30th Oct16 (4 weekends ie 8 sessions)
Time 10:00Am-1:00Pm
Course Fee : Rs 5500/-Photography Training Course
Venu :Mr Amol Patil
A1401, Jasmine Tower, Vasant Vihar
Pokhran Road no 2,
Mobile : +919967544378

Master Pics has devised a unique composite (Basic + advance) course in photography.  You can expect the following takeaways on completion of 8 number weekend sessions:
  1. History of the camera & camera types
  2. Getting to know your camera/DSLr & the various buttons & its purpose
  3. Camera modes & menus
  4. Rules of composition
  5. Exposure Triangle & Manual exposure
  6. Assignment on Dof and freezing action
  7. Understanding lighting – Flash & studio
  8. Assignment on Indoor & outdoor portraits
  9. On the job/field training – Birding, events, wedding
  10. Post processing – Light room 5.1
During  the course you would be exposed to advance techniques like panning, light paintings, splash photography, product photography
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